Herschel Infrared is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of infrared heaters, with manufacturing in Germany, Ireland and the Far East and operations and resellers in over 15 countries.

Herschel is the UK market leader with the most far-infrared experience and the widest range of installations. Herschel’s highly experienced and friendly team can advise on all aspects of infrared heating, from home projects to large commercial projects.

We have the UK’s largest stocks of infrared heaters offering next day delivery on 95% of products. Our heaters are available from all national electrical wholesalers, many regional electrical wholesalers, regional builder dealers and Travis Perkins.

Herschel is the only far infrared supplier to provide training and accreditation for installers and dealers with the UK’s only installer network.

All Herschel employees are passionate about the benefits of far infrared heating and share the Company’s ethos for high levels of customer service. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Our aim

To pave the way for the use of far infrared as a comfortable heating solution for our customers:

  • constantly strive to develop and produce highly innovative products;
  • provide the most complete range of heaters to address the widest range of applications;
  • apply and build on our unrivaled experience and know-how;
  • provide the best support for resellers and customers;
  • being the first and only far infrared provider to provide training and ensure our dealers and installers are properly accredited.

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Our values

  • Integrity: we act with the utmost integrity in all our relationships with customers and other stakeholders;
  • Passion: we are passionate about Far Infrared and our products;
  • Pioneers: we are at the forefront of Far Infrared innovation and its application;
  • Quality: we always try to provide quality services, advice, support and products;
  • Customer focus : we believe that our customers are our business and are always at the forefront of our decision-making process;
  • Social Responsibility: We fully believe in the environmental and health benefits of using far infrared and its ability to heat people in a more convenient, sustainable and cost-effective way.

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Herschel Europe Partner

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